Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Special, Snowy Owl.

Just as I'm getting over the disappointment of being passed over for the "Tom & Mu" Christmas special and the sudden realisation on receiving my 2007 Birds in Northumbria that I didn't find the time to send in a single record during that year and have probably replicated that feat this year. (I still have time to put that right even if last night's Barn Owl is the only noteworthy bird I've seen this month. The guilt of being a bad birder has weighed heavy on my shoulders.)
Anyway just as I'm beginning to feel good again I nearly blow it all this morning with another brief moment of madness. Like many I suspect I've been looking enviously at Cornwall's first Snowy Owl in a lifetime, perhaps it has seeped into my subconscious. No matter how many times it happens it catches you momentarily unawares, there I am driving north with the sky Waxwing pink from the sunrise and just as I get near to the entrance of DBCP, there up in a large pine, it's white, it's owl shaped, it could be, it is, it's another bloody carrier bag. The only consolation was that this time I didn't spend twenty minutes with full optical kit trained on it before realising.
At least with the Snowy Owl I can console myself with pictures, where's the pictures or the video footage from the Tom & Mu Christmas Special, surely I'm not the only one that wants to see it?

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Stewart said...

Invites only I'm afraid, not for the general public :)