Thursday, 8 May 2008

A Warbler in the Garden

Birding is one of those pastimes that you can almost do anytime, anywhere and often at the least expected time. Lieing on our bed about 8.00pm with my teething daughter who had finally dropped off to sleep I was , well dozing, windows open. Blackbirds and Song Thrushes singing and serenading me to sleep. Then a warble, a little scratchy had me puzzled, the first burst sounded almost like a Common Whitethroat, but not quite right was it a Lesser Whitethroat? Stirred I hurried downstairs grabbed a pair of bins and strolled across the lawn to the willow edged footpath leading to Longhirst, I could hear the warbler and it wasn't either of the Whitethroats, I got onto it as it flicked up and froze for a moment, there was my first Garden Warbler of the year and the first one i've had so close to home.