Monday, 28 April 2008

Home Again

This morning in the bright April Sunshine before the skies darkened and the heavens opened I spied three Hoose Martins circling the garden, sweeping down in short dives, happy to be back.
After the torrential afternoon downpour up here in Alnmooth, I nipped down to the estuary in case the odd Black Tern was putting in an appearance but alas was not to be. Although there was a small flock of terns at the estuary mouth on the sand for which I will need my scope, another day.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Half Hour Spare

So what else do you do but nip out for a wander to see what's aboot. Encouraged by my first Swallow of the year yesterday in Alnmouth and the news of a Spoonbill at Hauxley I wandered round the estuary hoping for something to lift the misty gloom. Out of the mist came the unmistakeable call of a Sandwich Tern a few yards further and five were wandering up and down on the incoming tide close to Church Hill.
Heartened by this sign of spring I moved up to the Golf Course Pond, one or two Willow Warblers called from the trees edging the pond and a Coot fed it's red headed offspring on the water but no sign of any Groppers here, although there does appear to have been an overnight arrival.