Thursday, 6 March 2008

What came first?

Another hour birding, this time walking back home from the bank. Although not much to speak of five Jay at Whorral Bank were notable, just after three Long Tailed Tit flew over toward the allotments from St George's. Four Greylag circled around Pegswood Community Park before heading back over to Longhirst Golf course and in the surrounding fields four Skylark in song, the first of the year for me, along with a lone male singing Yellowhammer.
I checked out every Jackdaw for signs of ski jacket, white teeth, mirrored shades and a winning smile but they all looked local to me.
Suddenly after envisaging a sedentary existence occasionally publishing a post on the odd garden bird I am birding again, although this will no doubt reduce as the summer progresses and I get busier at work. Now what came first the blog or the resurgent birding? Am I birding to fill the blog, or I am simply blogging about the birding, discuss.


st said...

Or do you have a multiple personality disorder and have not realised.
Both very addictive, although, the blogging is winning with you.
how you find the time, i'll never know.
keep up the good work.

chimp_choker said...

Which ever doesn't matter, I'm enjoying reading your blog so keep it up :)

Boulmer Birder said...

You've always been an irruptive species Alan...