Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Dip at a Tip

Went looking for the Firecrest this morning at Grubby Plantations as it's only a couple of miles from son2's school. I say Grubby because the amount of fly tipping is atrocious and no one seems to have made any attempts to report it and clear it up. Big shame as the woods both here and Tranwell are a fantastic birch and alder woodland with Willow Tit and Treecreeper and fantastic fungi.
Fly tippers are a blight on the landscape and should be buried neck deep in their own rubbish and excrement if caught in my opinion. Leave them by the side of the road where they left their rubbish, at least overnight with persistent offenders getting two days.
Didn't have a sniff of a crest, nothing more exciting than four Bullfinch, a few Long Tailed Tits and a Coal Tit. I did meet Winnie from Craster down with a small party of birders looking for said crest as well. Winnie's great, WI meets NTBC in fact they should launch some joint trips or lectures.

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